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The pandemic has affected us all in one way or another and many people are experiencing significantly more stress, anxiety and depression this year as a result of the crisis and lockdown restrictions being enforced.

Recent research from the University of Nottingham and King’s College London found, in fact, that women and young people appear to be the most affected. Overall, 31.6 per cent of survey respondents said they were experiencing moderate to severe depression, while 26 per cent reported moderate to severe anxiety.

Lead author of the study Kavita Vedhara from Nottingham University’s School of Medicine said: “Although these results are from a cross sectional study, they highlight some important messages. The emotional toll early on in the pandemic appears to have been significant in the UK.

“This is perhaps not surprising as people were required to rapidly and unexpectedly respond to a range of challenges. What is crucial now is to examine if these very high levels of distress are persisting over time.”

There are all sorts of ways in which feelings of anxiety can be managed, but it seems that many people are now turning to CBD products to help them deal with how they’re feeling at the moment.

According to the Daily Northwestern, students in the US are now using CBD to help them make it through 2020 in one piece, such as Weinberg sophomore Gretchen Faliszek, who said she started using the oil as a way of managing her anxiety, seeing significant results because of it.

She described it as a “little wave” going over you, helping you to feel more content and calm, adding that she would highly recommend the use of CBD to anyone curious about trying it.

And fellow sophomore Anna Skillom said she turned to CBD as an affordable and non-pharmaceutical form of treatment for her anxiety, explaining that she starts to shake badly when she gets anxious and she finds that CBD helps her stop the shaking, as well as allowing her to “push back the negative thoughts”.

There are various ways in which you can take CBD and it’s worth exploring the options so you can find the best one for you. You can eat it, drink it or take it in capsule form, add a few drops of oil directly under your tongue or use a vaporiser to inhale it directly into your lungs.

Or you could invest in some salves, lotions and creams, applying them to your skin, which will then absorb the oil and deliver the desired effects that way. CBD has been found to help many people with anxiety, but it has also proven effective for some as a method of pain relief, as well as helping those struggling with insomnia.

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