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  • Alpinols 10% Full Spectrum 1000mg CBD Oil 10ml

  • Alpinols 2.5% Water soluble Full Spectrum 250mg CBD drops Oil 10ml

  • Alpinols 25% Full Spectrum 2500mg CBD Oil 10ml

  • Alpinols 20% Full Spectrum 2000mg CBD Oil 10ml

  • Alpinols 15% Full Spectrum 1500mg CBD Oil 10ml

  • Alpinols 5% Full Spectrum 500mg CBD Oil 10ml



Alpinols it's our passion to enrich the world with high-quality CBD products made in Switzerland.

It is Alpinols mission to make high-quality CBD products produced in Switzerland accessible to everyone. These quality CBD products can help aid a balanced, stress-free and healthy lifestyle.


Trust, research, innovation, quality and transparency are therefore the most important projects and values for us - after all, it is about our health."