Erth Hemp

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  • ERTH Full Spectrum CBD Tincture 1000mg Various flavours

  • ERTH Sooth & Refresh CBD Foot Cream 250mg

  • ERTH Lavender CBD Body Butter 250mg

  • ERTH Water Soluble CBD 500mg (30ml) Various flavours


Erth Hemp

An American brand of CBD products, Erth Hemp is based in California where it makes a wide range of different tinctures, massage oils, vape juices and creams, among other products. In addition to its production facility in the US, Erth Hemp also grows all of its own plants so it is better placed to control the quality of everything that goes into its product portfolio. According to the company, it is this 'vertically integrated' approach to CBD product development that allows it not only to offer transparency, but full traceability of its CBDs at every stage of the process. In short, this means that Erth Hemp controls every aspect of its production processes, from hemp seed propagation to growing and from harvesting to CBD extraction.

One of the many aspects of Erth Hemp's production processes that it likes to point out is that its farm is blessed with artesian well water. The high elevation of its farmland in the US means that the plants it grows enjoy warm days and cool nights. In turn, this allows its plants to rest and refresh within each growing cycle. Consumers of Erth Hemp's products can also be assured of the quality control measures it has in place. The company places lab test results inside every box it supplies to retailers, ensuring the quality of every purchase made.

At CBD Connect, we stock numerous Erth Hemp CBD products including its water soluble CBD which is available unflavoured or with white peach or vanilla bean flavourings. Ideal for mixing with a beverage, this product is derived from purified water and exemplifies what Erth Hemp is all about.