Love CBD Dutch Capsules 150mg (5mg x 30)

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Sourced from the best hemp farms in Holland, these full spectrum Dutch CBD capsules are ideal for those who perhaps don’t like the taste of CBD oils or don’t vape, you just take them like any ordinary capsule and off you go!

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Made with the finest full spectrum CBD that Holland has to offer, these Dutch CBD capsules are a super convenient way to get CBD into your body. If you don’t like the taste of the full spectrum oils or if you don’t vape then this product is perfect for you.

The CBD in the capsules is grown on farms around the Netherlands that do not use pesticides, artificial fertilisers or harmful chemicals

Each jar contains 30 x 5mg capsules, totalling 150mg per jar.

These capsules are made with 2 HMPC vegetable capsules – no gelatin!


Full Spectrum CBD extract

Olive Oil


We recommend taking 1-2 capsules per day. However, these are only suggested guidelines and you should take as many or as little as you see necessary depending on circumstances.

Note: These products contain no more than 0.2% THC.


Love CBD

Love CBD was formed in 2014 to bring the highest quality CBD oil to the British public, we are focused on sourcing exceptional cannabis extracts, and formulating them into unique CBD products.Founded in the town of Newmarket in Suffolk, Love CBD has numerous different types of products within its CBD portfolio. Among the CBD products it is best known for is its entourage oil. Launched in 2015, entourage oil is derived from a range of cannabinoids. The idea is that the oil is more effective than those derived from CBD isolate because it contains plenty of different compounds which interplay with one another.According to Love CBD, one of their founding principles is to continually attempt to improve the quality of their products, including its entourage oil. This is achieved through extensive lab testing which takes place on all of its product range. The company says it has spent years honing its recipes which is one of the many reasons why its products are so favourably reviewed by many consumers. Another factor in the brand's ongoing success is that it was among the first CBD brands to let consumers know how many milligrams of CBD were in each bottle – as well as each spray of each bottle – so they could better adjust their desired intake.As well as successfully blending CBD with CBDa, CBG and other cannabinoids in its oils, Love CBD produces CBD capsules in 5 and 10 mg sizes. These can be purchased from CBD Connect, as can all of its other products, in various quantities. Another product type worth looking out for is their CBD balm which contains an extract of full-spectrum CBD in line with the brand's ethos.

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