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Many Animal Lovers Are Using CBD For Pets!

CBD can have a range of positive effects on humans. There is also growing evidence that CBD can be really good for our beloved pets too. You should always be careful with new treatments, but many vets are promoting the benefits of CBD oil for dogs and cats. If you have an elderly dog with stiff joints, or a young kitten with separation anxiety, then CBD could help your animal have a happier life.

There are various ways you can introduce CBD into your furry friend’s life without causing them any stress. Browse our range of products online to find the perfect CBD products.

  • Herbalist Company CBD Oil for Pets.

  • Voyager Pets Hemp Paw & Nose Balm – 60g

  • Voyager Pets Pet Odour Neturalising Spritz – 100ml

  • Voyager Pets Lavender & Oatmeal Hemp Shampoo – 273ml

  • Voyager Pets Organic Hemp Seed Oil – 30ml