CBD Skincare

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CBD skincare products are emerging as one of the most popular ways to achieve healthy skin. If you choose a face cream product with CBD then you get all of the benefits of this natural product. You will also enjoy well-moisturised skin that smells great. If you would like more information on the benefits of using CBD products then you can easily find more information over on our about CBD page.

There are many CBD skincare products available to suit your preferences. Browse our range of excellent CBD products to help make your skin feel moisturised, smooth and rejuvenated with a CBD skin care routine. Why not treat yourself to healthier softer skin.

  • CBDfx Bath Bomb

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    Green Stem Eucalyptus CBD Lip Balm

  • Green Stem CBD Bath Bomb 100mg

  • Cannamedica Body Butter 50g

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    Green Stem CBD Massage oil 300mg, 50ml

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    Green Stem Emulsified CBD Hand Cream 100mg, 75ml

  • NKD 30mg CBD Post Tattoo Repair Serum 30ml

  • Canna Magic 100mg CBD Natural Oatmeal & Shea Butter Soap 145g

  • Ambience CBD Infused 50mg CBD Facial Moisturiser 30ml

  • Ambience CBD Infused 50mg CBD Lip Balm

  • 1CBD Hemp CBD Oil infused Skin Balm 300mg 50g

  • Element Vert CBD Tattoo Aftercare Cream 30ml

  • Soul Holistics 50mg CBD Itch relief Gel

  • Soul Holistics 50mg CBD Post Wax-Lazer Recovery

  • Soul Holistics 50mg CBD Ink Aftercare Gel

  • Soul Holistics 50mg CBD Eyebrow Oil

  • Soul Holistics 50mg CBD Skin Hydrating Gel

  • Zoetic 300mg CBD Hand Cream 100ml – Lemongrass & Ylang Ylang

  • Zoetic 800mg CBD Night Cream 100ml – Jasmine & Lavender

  • Zoetic 750mg CBD Facial Drops 30ml – With Vitimin C

  • CBD Asylum 500mg CBD Moisturising Cream (Buy One Get One Free)

  • MAN 30mg CBD Acne Repair Gel 30ml

  • Tan CBD Infused Self Tanning Travel Mousse 50ml

  • Naturecan 30mg CBD Lip Balm 10ml

  • INK 30mg CBD Post Tattoo Repair 30ml

  • Skin Mechanic 30mg CBD Infused Post Wax-Shave Repair Oil 30ml

  • The Beemine Lab 0.2% 300mg CBD Hani+ 140g