Makeup Melt – Coconut Oil Cleanser – 60ml



A travel friendly version of the best-selling Makeup Melt coconut oil cleanser by Virginutty.

This natural beauty balm effectively melts cosmetics, leaving skin radiantly cleansed.
The coconut oil cuts through makeup grease, softens keratin caps in pores and dissolves hardened sebum, preparing skin for face wash and toning regimes.

This product does not contain CBD.

100% organic and vegan.
Kind to and safe to use on skin.
Conditions eyebrows and eyelashes.
Smells deliciously coconutty.

Supports fair trade coconut agriculture in The Philippines.

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Massage generously over makeup until it starts to dissolve, taking care not to get product in the eyes. Product will melt above room temperature, which is 100% normal.



Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil (100% Organic)



Recyclable glass jar with recyclable plastic lid




Virginutty is a coconut oil skincare and wellness brand based in London. They aim to empower the minority and to empower the coconut. They create natural, raw, vegan, pure-enough-to-eat skincare based on Philippine coconut oil that nourishes your body from head to toes.Virginutty is a relative newcomer in the UK, still regarding itself as a start-up brand of organic and completely natural skincare products. The company was the brainchild of Melissa, its British-Filipino founder, who discovered a great love of coconut oil-based skin care during her time in the Philippines. Since then she has sought to produce natural alternatives that do away with the need for many of the carcinogenic ingredients and whitening chemicals that are found in conventional cosmetics products. The company is founded on fair trade principles and is registering for organic and fair trade certification in the UK.From its base of operations in London, Virginutty produces cruelty-free and vegan skincare products that are completely devoid of parabens. The company says that its main raw ingredient, coconut oil, is sustainably cropped and 100 per cent organic. Each batch that Virginutty produces is bottled by hand in the UK and, what's more, ethical consumers should be reassured that its packaging is made from recyclable materials with labels that are generated from nothing more than food waste.At CBD Connect, you can purchase coconut oil masks and candles as well as numerous other products from the Virginutty portfolio. Its hair balms are good for every type of hair but are particularly useful for reducing unwanted frizz. According to Virginutty, its CBD coconut oils are a superb choice for calming skin and providing a great level of moisturisation from totally natural products. Although CBD coconut oils are often eaten, those made by Virginutty are supposed to be applied to the skin, often acting as an anti-inflammatory in the process.
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