Green Stem, Unflavoured CBD Vape Shot 1000mg

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This versatile unflavoured e-liquid shot from the Green Stem collection is designed to boost the CBD content of CBD-containing e-liquids and convert standard e-liquids into a CBD-rich formulation. By adding this shot to a CBD e-liquid, you can easily and effectively increase the CBD content of that e-liquid without having to purchase a whole new bottle. This is particularly useful for anyone who is trying to find the ideal CBD strength for their needs as you can add the unflavoured shot to your CBD e-liquid gradually until you experience beneficial effects.

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How to Use

To achieve the best possible results from the Green Stem CBD e-liquid collection, we strongly recommend using with a mouth-to-lung/classic style e-cigarette kit. The PG/VG composition of the e-liquid is ideally suited for use with this particular style of kit and will guarantee the best flavour, vapour production and CBD delivery possible.

Always store your Green Stem products out of direct sunlight and keep out of the reach of children and animals.

We recommend that users do not exceed 200mg of CBD in a twenty-four-hour period.


10ml bottles
PG/VG : 60/40
CBD Isolate (99%+)
THC & Nicotine Free
No alcohol or animal extracts



  • Propolyne Glycol,
  • Vegetable Glycerine,
  • CBD Isolate



Green Stem

Green Stem CBD, Embrace your wellbeing.

Green Stem CBD is a family-owned UK company dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality CBD in the world. Green Stem use their CBD which is sourced from the finest organic hemp fields, grown in the Colorado sunshine across a wide range of award-winning products. These amazingly high quality CBD products naturally support every lifestyle while truly enhancing wellbeing at an affordable price.