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Although access to medical cannabis has been legal in the UK for nearly two years now, it seems that there are many people out there who are still unaware that this is actually the case, with new research revealing that just 46 per cent of adults in this country don’t know the legalities surrounding its usage.

The Canex study involved 13,254 survey respondents and under half were unaware of the 2018 rescheduling making medical cannabis legal, a decision that was largely influenced by the cases of two children with rare forms of epilepsy.

The parents of both children had tried numerous registered medications to treat the condition, with little success, until they found how effective cannabis-based medications could be. But they initially had to source these from abroad because of legal issues in the UK.

Despite the rescheduling of cannabis, however, access to it through the NHS is still proving difficult, with many believing that this is, in large part, down to restrictive recommendations made by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence late last year.

Interestingly, researchers at the University of South Carolina in the US also recently discovered that THC – the psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant – could potentially relieve one of the serious symptoms of covid-19.

Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) affects the lungs and other organs, and has been seen in a significant number of patients with coronavirus. But this study found that THC, when administered at the right time, could actually relieve the effects of ARDS.

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