CBD For Sport

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CBD For Sport

Did you know that many professional athletes already take CBD for sport to help recovery and ease the pain associated with physical exercise? CBD has a range of beneficial properties that can help amateur sports people as well as the professionals.

What Benefits Does CBD Offer For Sport?

More and more people are adopting the use of CBD to help with Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). There are many benefits to using CBD products and you can find more information about these topics on our information page.

How Much Should I take?

It is important to use CBD over longer periods of time if you want to get the most from this natural product. We recommend building your dose using the low and slow approach. CBD comes in several different strengths. This means you can choose products to suit your needs. There is further information on recommended doses to help you choose a CBD product on our About CBD page.

How Can I take CBD?

CBD is a natural plant product. The active compounds are extracted and then included in a wide range of products. One of the more common forms is CBD oil, which is great to have at home. There are also CBD capsules which make getting your daily CBD dose simple and convenient for people on the go. There are also developments in the sport nutrition area, and CBD is being included in sports drinks and protein shakes. You can easily browse products to find something that suits your lifestyle.