Rebel Wine, CBD infused Sauvignon Blanc 3 pack – 200ml


The first cans of Rebel Wine, infused with 10mg of naturally occurring CBD, have rolled off the production line in the UK, these 200ml cans are available in three flavours – a refreshing Rosé, a vibrant Sauvignon Blanc and a smooth Merlot. Rebel Wine is made with quality, award winning wines from Vondeling Vineyards in South Africa. The wine is carefully infused with Hemp, containing a small amount of naturally occurring CBD, 10mg to be precise, which ensures a deeply satisfying drinking experience. The 200ml cans are perfect for autumn picnics, relaxing at home and of course festivals, events and travel when applicable.”

Vondeling Sauvignon Blanc 2019

Wine facts
StyleZesty, fresh with a hint of gooseberry. Drink chilled with or without food.
Grape100% Sauvignon Blanc
CountrySouth Africa
FoodShell fish, grilled mackerel, sardines, sundried figs, sour dough bread and soft cheeses.
AwardsPlatter’s Wine Guide 2020 3.5 Stars



Rebel Wines